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Rust Bluing

The finest firearms in North America are built by hand, by the expert gunsmiths at Parkwest Arms. Parkwest gunsmiths utilize the best gun bluing methods available to craft beautiful metal finishes capable of withstanding seasons in the field in search of once-in-a-lifetime game. Gun bluing techniques practiced by Parkwest Arms include nitre bluing, hot caustic bluing and rust bluing. As with many other firearm bluing and metal finishing techniques, rust bluing gun parts is a process that has existed since the 1800’s, before more modern methods of metal finishing were developed. Often used on shotgun barrels so as not to damage solder, or when matching or reproducing the finish of older firearms, rust bluing produces a soft, rich blue/black finish by coating the properly prepared components in a rust bluing chemical solution, allowing a uniform layer of rust to develop, then boiling and carding the built up rust off to produce the desired finish. A time-consuming process of gun bluing, rust bluing does however produce an extremely rich, soft and attractive finish that is sought-after by collectors, world-class hunters and customers restoring period firearms to former glory. As one of the many methods of bluing gun parts employed by Parkwest Arms expert gunsmiths, rust bluing is yet another example of old-world craftsmanship that is alive and well, practiced by Americans in Sturgis, South Dakota. Whether commissioning a fully custom, one-of-a-kind rifle, restoring a prized family piece to presentation status or ordering batches of gun parts to a specified finish, trust the expert American gunsmiths at Parkwest Arms to deliver the best gun bluing services and world class firearms that can be loved, admired and fired generation after generation.