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ParkWest Arms proudly delivers the finest firearms in North America using the very best gun bluing methods to create a metal finish that is both rugged and beautiful, able to withstand a lifetime of use and presentation. But what is gun bluing?

Simply speaking, gun bluing is a centuries-old metal finishing and treating process often used in firearms manufacturing and gun repairs intended to protect steel from corrosion by creating a thin layer of oxidization on the metal’s surface. The bluish-black appearance of steel treated by one of the many gun blueing methods available gives the process its name. Various methods of bluing guns exist, and all have their home in the world of gun manufacturing, gunsmithing and protecting gun parts from the elements and rust. Gun bluing methods include hot caustic bluing, rust bluing, and nitre bluing.

The expert gunsmiths at Parkwest Arms also offer gun restoration and gun refinishing services including rifle bluing that can restore the metal components of a firearm’s finish and elevate its appearance to heirloom levels. From bluing guns and finishing parts and pieces for various manufacturers to shotgun bluing and complete gun-smithing services, the creators of the finest firearms in North America are also able to create the finest firearms finishes, including the best gun bluing available.

ParkWest Arms utilizes bluing methods to create more durable, softer blue-black finishes that are often the hallmark of fine, high-end firearms. Whether commissioning a fully custom firearm build, ordering batches of gun parts and components requiring the best gun bluing, or restoring a prized family piece to be appreciated and cherished, the expert American gunsmiths of Parkwest Arms deliver a superior gun bluing service and a finished product that can be trusted – and used – for years and even generations to come.