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Nitre Bluing

Proudly delivering the finest firearms in North America, Parkwest Arms utilizes the best gun bluing methods available to create unique, durable and beautiful metal finishes able to withstand a lifetime of presentation and use in the field. Gun bluing methods include hot caustic bluing, rust bluing, nitre bluing and other methods. Able to create a brilliant, bright blue coloration on metal surfaces upon which it is applied, nitre bluing gun parts is accomplished by immersing parts, often pins, screws, springs and other small parts, in a salt solution heated to several hundred degrees. While generally not as durable a finish as that obtained by other bluing processes, nitre bluing of firearm parts produces unique blue colors and is often used to create accent pieces for firearm builds utilizing components treated by other processes. Also known as straw bluing, niter bluing or peacock bluing, nitre bluing is one of many gun bluing methods employed by Parkwest Arms in gun restoration projects, treating metal components for other manufacturers and the production of world class firearms. From custom finished gun parts and pieces requiring the best gun bluing techniques, restoring a prized family rifle, pistol or shotgun to presentation status or commissioning a custom hunting or tactical rifle build, trust the expert American gunsmiths at Parkwest Arms to deliver superior gun bluing services and finished firearms that can be loved, admired and used through generations.