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The SD-22

Every Parkwest Arms rifle is built using a unique combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing, creating a world-class firearm that is a pleasure to own and shoot. This simple attitude pervades every stage of the rifle’s construction.

The SD-10

Every rifleman who takes shooting seriously is haunted by the one-shot mystique. This SD-10 rifle is created with an unwavering singleness of purpose, making it the ideal partner for hunting everywhere from the great plains to the highest peaks. The falling block receiver is machined from solid bar stock, resulting in a powerful yet lightweight action. The SD-10 is compact, accurate, and responsive, making it ideal for the most discriminating sportsmen.

SD-76 Bushveld™

Specifically designed for the professional hunter.
Including a pillar and bedded composite stock, a premium match grade barrel,
island front and rear sights, and Talley bases and screw lock rings.

Today, we honor and remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. “all gave some, some gave all.” 🇺🇸 #MemorialDay
We’re back with another #woodworkwednesday - this week, Al is showing us how he shapes the detail lines around the floor metal on a Parkwest Arms SD-76 Legend. 🪵
Happy #woodworkwednesday - Today, Ben is checkering the grip panel on an SD-76 Savanna! 🪵
Happy #woodworkwednesday! Today, Al is in the shop showing us how he shapes the thumb flute on an SD-76 Legend. 🪵
Happy #woodworkwednesday! Today, we have Al finishing the stock on a SD-76 Legend Takedown. 🪵
Happy Friday, Folks! Check out @ronspomer latest unboxing video featuring his custom Parkwest Arms rifle. The link to the full video is in our bio! 🇺🇸